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A strong civil society is vital for a healthy society, especially when that society is developing. We know that in recent years, all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have faced issues such as increasing capacity, repeated crises, database management, volunteer and resource coordination, fundraising, communication with donors through new digital media, and more.

We are aware that we are constantly experiencing burnout, trying to do good every day, grappling with the vulnerabilities of our beneficiaries, and surviving in a context of uncertainty marked by very demanding situations for the entire civil society.

But we have solutions to increase our resilience and become more independent. One such solution is NGO Hub, the result of several years of research in which we, the Code for Romania team, identified the major problems facing non-governmental organizations and then built an ecosystem dedicated to addressing these issues.

NGO Hub is a single point of access where any organization can access a digital solutions ecosystem that addresses the most pressing needs of NGO life. A dedicated toolkit built by an NGO to support all NGOs that take care of all of us every day.

How it works


We are now in the pre-onboarding stage for NGO Hub. If you are an NGO and you want to be among the first to get access to the NGO Hub and all the apps in the ecosystem, then all you have to do is click the button below and leave us some information. Our team will contact you as soon as the system is ready for use and will assist you throughout your digital transformation journey.

Use the apps

Once you have an active account in the system you will have free access to a suite of applications that take care of all your daily tasks as an organization. From volunteer management, databases, financial reporting and many other useful resources. You choose which applications you use according to the face and likeness of your NGO. You add users to the system, give them access to the applications you need, and we help you every step of the way.

Update your info

NGO Hub is free and will remain so for all organizations that need it and the applications it hosts. We take care of maintenance, system updates and security, accessibility and availability of the entire hub, and you have time for the miracles you make happen every day. The only thing you have to do is once a year to make sure that the organization's data is updated in the system.

The Dedicated Civil Society Ecosystem

The solutions comprising the dedicated civil society ecosystem are built in response to the most common processes faced by non-governmental organizations: volunteer management, fundraising, accessing sector services, attracting human resources, etc. Some of the solutions you may have already encountered and been using for a long time, such as redirecționează.ro or Website Factory, and now there are other digital tools ready specifically for you. You can discover each of them below.


The single sign-on system for NGOs.

Website Factory NGO

The only Website Builder designed specifically for NGOs.


The complete Volunteer Management System for both NGOs and volunteers.

How to NGO

Step-by-step guide to setting-up and running an NGO in your country.

NGO Feed

News hub dedicated to civil society.


The Database Manager built for NGOs enabling clear traceability and insights.

Emergency Help

Traceable donations for verified first-responder NGOs during crises.

Act for Good

Platform enabling tax deducted donations for NGOs (where applicable).

Civic Tech 911

Need tech assistance? The free „tech department” civil society can count on.

Pay it Forward

Centralized crowdfunding platform for NGOs.


The Financial Manager helping NGOs stay on top of budget allocations and reporting.

Funding Call

Grant management platform for small or large donors.

Donor Data Exchange

Platform enabling data sharing between major donors, leading to data-driven funding.

Centru CIvic

Single entry point to all services provided to the public by NGOs.

Good Data

Increased transparency in the NGO sector by centralizing and opening data to the public.

Practice for Good

Connecting students with internships and jobs in the non-profit sector.


The Stock Management System enabling effective use of resources and traceability.


Internal consultation and voting platform for civil society.

Keep in touch

We keep you updated monthly with helpful information on how technology can help you have a more efficient NGO, how to use digital tools in your everyday work, and how to leverage the digital environment for the best possible results.

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