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Website Factory: NGO is an intuitive and easy-to-use website builder designed specifically for NGOs. The solution allows any organization to easily build an adaptable website, compliant with the highest web accessibility standards, creating a barrier-free online presence for all beneficiaries.

Using Website Factory, every NGO can customize its website with the most commonly used elements for reporting, fundraising, and communicating with different audiences. This level of customization can be achieved using easy-to-understand and easy-to-use modules and building blocks, which include document upload functions, templates, and integration with third-party services.

What you can do using Website Factory

Multilingual website

You can present your organisation simply and easily with a website you can build without the need for an IT specialist. You can publish all your content in multiple languages with a simple click from the admin panel.

Online donations

Website Factory is already integrated with several payment operators. You just need your customer code in relation to the payment operator you use (EuPlătesc or PayPal for example) and within minutes you can already collect donations online.

Data collection

We always need a form, for events, for feedback, for a project or a programme you run as an NGO. You can create these forms directly in Website Factory and collect data super easy.

Multimedia content

There's always a need for a map, video or animation that you can incorporate into your website without the headache. In the admin panel, just put the link to the content you want to publish and Website Factory NGO does the magic.

Budgets and reports

We work with tables every day and we are sick and tired of them. So in Website Factory you have a data visualisation module to publish beautiful budgets. Sure, and tables, but they're cooler when you present them colourfully and interactively.


Most of us are volunteers, we know how hard it is with user management. In Website Factory you have many different types of users with different permissions so you can manage your site as well as possible.


GDPR? Cookies? Don't worry. We've prepared simple templates for you that you only need to customize a little to have all the mandatory information online and available for your new website visitors.

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Examples of solutions designed by Commit Global using Website Factory

Examples of websites build by other organizations using Website Factory

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