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Vic is a virtual assistant that helps organizations coordinate volunteers. It is a complex solution consisting of a mobile app and a web app. The web app helps NGOs manage volunteer databases and document flows more efficiently, keep in touch with volunteer participants, and easily track pro bono hours.

The mobile app is available for free in the AppStore and Google Play. The app is dedicated to anyone who wants to volunteer, regardless of the time available or frequency of volunteering. The app allows each volunteer to create an account, choose their preferred NGOs or areas of interest, respond to volunteer calls when available, report hours worked and centralize personal volunteering documents.

What you can do with Vic's help

Manage your volunteering activities

From the NGO Hub, you can access Vic, and you will enter the dedicated administration panel. There, you will be able to set up your organization’s profile, your activities, the available volunteering roles and all other relevant information.

Manage volunteers

Manage all the volunteers, volunteer contracts, expiry dates, the certificates they request for their work, the hours they worked, the events they participated in, and many other useful information in only one place.

Send push notifications

It is often essential to be able to communicate very quickly with all volunteers either because of a crisis or because you need to make an important announcement so Vic also helps you to send automated messages to one or more volunteers with any requests you have for them.

Generate reports

Vic also helps with reporting. You'll be able to display lists of volunteers, information about their work, volunteer events and actions and much more relevant information.

Connected volunteers

For volunteers, an account in the Vic mobile app means an active volunteer profile, managing hours, contracts, and actions from one volunteer. Here, they can discover new organizations, get involved in their favorite activities, and keep in touch with the organizations they dedicate their time.

How to access VIC

To use Vic for your organization, you must have an active NGO Hub account. During this period, NGOs will be able to join a waiting list, and from January 2024, you will receive a registration link, someone from our team will validate you as an organization, and you will be given access to the platform. There, you will find all available applications and be able to request Vic.


Discover Vic

Fun fact!

VIC is "named" after one of the most active volunteers of Code for Romania. He is the one who first inspired us to create such a system by observing all his coordination and engagement actions in our community.

Download VIC (for volunteers)

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